The Sheraton Hotel – Doha. 

Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel run by the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts overlooking the Persian Gulf in the West Bay area of Doha, Qatar. Located approximately 2 miles northwest of the port area, it reportedly covers an area of around 10,000 square meters. The hotel reportedly cost around $100 million to build, and although built by an American company, it was subsidized by the Qatari government.

Established in 1979, is noted for its distinct pyramid shape and is part of the conference facility for the Organization of Arab States. The Sheraton Doha has been described as having “a world of Arabian luxury and magical ambiance”. The hotel itself has a very important function as a conference centre in Doha and regularly hosts events including international scientific seminars and meetings. The First Conference for Expatriate Arab Scientists, QFIRST took place at the hotel in 2007 and it has hosted meetings of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The hotel reportedly has one auditorium which holds over 1000 people.

The hotel has 371 rooms, 26 conference rooms and nine restaurants.

Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel



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